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  • What To Expect

    In most states, employment drug screening is not supervised. This means that you often have options.
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  • Drug Test Questions

    It can be hard to separate the facts from fiction regarding drug testing and what it takes to test clean. We can help:
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  • Get Clean in 24 Hours

    Don't Panic! It's best to plan in advance when you have to be tested for marijuana, but in an emergency, we can help.
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EmployeeDrug Testing: Learn your rights: Get and keep the job you love
employment drug test
The laws regarding marijuana drug testing are different in every State and for the Federal Government. If you know the law, you will be able to best defend what is left of your privacy rights.
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How Long Does marijuana Stay in
Your System?

The quick answer is 12 weeks for heavy users, three weeks for light users. Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the active "get high" chemical in marijuana. THC is fat-soluble, and it builds-up in the organs, skin, and other fatty tissues of the body. There are many factors in how long THC stays in your system and inherent variables in the methodologies to remove the toxins:

  1. Size and weight of person
  2. Fitness level and BMI (body mass index)
  3. Frequency and amount of drug(s) used
  4. Hydration levels and kidney function
  5. Diet: high or low fat, fiber intake